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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to simplify the communication process between the clinician and the lab by involving the whole dental team under one roof. By combining the experiences of Technicians and Clinicians, we are able to provide a more seemless experience in your indirect works.

Our History

Our lab began in 2012 through the collaboration & long-term friendship of a Dentist and Dental Technician who worked together looking for new ways to create benefits and value for their patients. They soon started perfecting a hybrid model where our Technicians will work in close collaboration with the in house Clinicians. With the input of clinical experience, our Technicians are able to create beautiful prosthesis while keeping the clinical practicality in mind. All the Jobs requires a final sign-off by our in house Clinicians before they were sent out to you. With this model, we have now grown to be servicing over 100 Dentists nationally and still growing at an annual rate of over 30%.

“Combining the experience of Technicians and Clinicians”

Our Promise

We treat each dentist individually by learning the way you practice and work, creating your own individual profile. For practitioners that requires a more standardised approach, our default protocol is developed and tested by leading Clinicians in our industry. 

“Improve the experience for your patients through excellent communication and cooperation between the Clinicians and the Technicians”

We offer free collection of parcels throughout Australia! Booking a collection is made easy through our online customer portal which can be accessed via our website. Once your account is up and running simply login and follow the prompts. Alternatively, parcel collection can be arranged by giving us a call. There are various cut-off times for same-day collection, so please contact our office for details on your area.


Simply fill in an account application form which can be downloaded from our website and send this in with your first case or email to


We accept all courier deliveries. Please send all parcels to the following Address:Unit 27/28 Barcoo St, Roseville NSW 2069


Laboratory prescription forms are available for download from our website. There are separate forms for removable and fixed cases. Pads are available on request through the online customer portal or by simply contacting our office.


To receive login details contact our office. The online portal can be used to request bookings, track the status of cases, order forms, update details and more!

A dental technician in protective clothing is working on a prosthetic tooth in his laboratory
Dental models at the laboratory
Dental oven at the laboratory