The products we supply are made using the best quality materials sourced from globally leading manufacturers and suppliers. All materials are CE certified. Please see our table below for full statistics of materials commonly used –

Material Data Sheet

Material Type Brand Description
Precious Alloy Ivoclar Vivadent Aquarius Hard (86.1% Au)
Semi-precious Ivoclar Vivadent Evolution Lite (40.3% Au)
Semi-Precious Ivoclar Vivadent Spartan Plus (2.0% Au)
Non-Precious Alloy Aalbadent VBC2 Ni free
Non-Precious Alloy Ivoclar Vivadent 4all
Partial Denture Alloy Dentsply Vitallium
Partial Denture Alloy Bego WIRONIUM
Ceramic Powder Vita VMK95 Clssical
Ceramic Powder Dentsply Ceramco 3
Zirconia Metoxi TDS
Zirconia Dentsply Cercon
Zirconia Noble Biocare Procera
All Ceramic Powder Ivoclar Vivadent I.P.S E.max Cream
Glass Ceramic Ivoclar Vivadent Empress II
Glass Ceramic Ivoclar Vivadent I.P.S E.max Cream
Composite Shofu Ceramage
Denture Acrylic Ivoclar Vivadent Probase Hot
Denture Acrylic Ivoclar Vivadent Probase Cold
High Impact Acrylic Dentsply Lucitone 199 (high Impact)
Flexiable Denture Valplast Valplast
Denture Tooth Ivoclar Vivadent
Denture Tooth Ivoclar Vivadent Ganathostar
Denture Tooth Dentsply COsmo HXL
Denture Tooth Vita Vita Pan
Mouth Guard Scheu dental BioPlast Color
Bleaching Guard Scheu dental BioPlast Bleach
Orthodontic Acrylic Dentaurum Orothocryl
Wire Dentaurum Remanium